Saturday, February 03, 2007

So a week or so ago I was running around the house deperately trying to get to the gym. For any of you that know me you know when I get an idea I have to do it or I will procrastinate...i.e. going to the gym...I don't like going to the gym so when the desire hits...I have to hurry. Okay...back to the point. I'm on the phone with a friend, I'm getting my gym stuff on, and the whole time I'm thinking...'it's been snowing...I really need to put down some salt or i'm going to break my neck on those stairs'. So I hang up the phone...grab my earphones for the gym...pull the salt out of the closet...and realize I didn't even open the salt last year so I need to find some scissors....drawer one, drawer two, drawer three...ah here they are...'okay lets get out of here'...grab the top of the bag with my left hand and start to cut the bag with my right thought as i'm doing this...I should really make sure NOT to cut the earphones in my left hand...SNIP...PLONK...OH CRAP!!

I did make it to the gym...had a great work out...but couldn't stop giggling to myself...what a GOOF.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SNL - Two A-Holes at an Adoption Agency

I can't explain it...but I think this is the funniest skit on SNL this year. The new cast includes this woman...Kristen Wiig...she is SO funny!!
This is how I feel. Sorry for not "updating" lately but I have been tired/lazy. I will get better I fact am currently on a conference call that I don't have to actively participate maybe I will try to write more now.