Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easy Sudoku

To begin with I want to talk about an old friend Sudoku I have been introduced to this past weekend by a very old friend in Toronto (real person...Aaron). Sudoku has been in my life for many years. I would say 2004 was my first year of pure obsession…I would always have a Sudoku puzzle with me.

I had been obsessing over crosswords for a few years…never underestimate my desire to kick my dad’s butt at something as a great motivator. I couldn’t quite get there with Crosswords but then Sudoku came along…and I realize he couldn’t do them…yet! Aha…a time killer (objective 1) and something Dad tried but had trouble with (objective 2). I don’t remember when exactly but I soon discovered Samurai Sudoku.

Samurai Sudoku

All good things tend to get a little less exciting after a while and a little added spice never hurt. Here’s the spice…Aaron has shown me competitive Sudoku…it is so fun!! Two people sitting side by side play on the same game board and keep track of each square they fill-in with a tally somewhere on the paper...finding a blank spot is sometimes a problem. Rules? Aaron mentioned that we get one point for the correct ones and loose two points for any we fill in incorrectly…although at the pace you are going it is hard to see if your partner has filled one in incorrectly. Anyway once the puzzle is complete the numbers are tallied.

The best part for me is we can complete the harder puzzles quickly because you have two sets of eyes on each one…you are both often working different sections or trying to muscle out the competition when you see you are both looking for the same spot.

The game goes quickly and it is fun. For anyone that has been feeling a little left out because their friend always has their nose in a Sudoku book this is might be a way into their addiction…haha. And for those that have started to feel like Sudoku is boring this definitely adds another dimension.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Surprise!! Hello everyone. It has been many months…various friends have commented more than once on the lack of updates. I regret this has been in part due to laziness…and by laziness I mean when I finally have some time to myself I simply don’t think of typing up something about my dull but insanely busy day. However, I have come to the conclusion that many find themselves working though dull but insanely busy days and yet find time to entertain me with the funny ins and outs of their day…in light of that I have decided to take a half an hour each day and write about something that has been on my mind.

You will of course still have to deal with my run on sentences complete lack of grammatical skill and the occasional spelling error. But alas you are my friends so we will survive this together.