Monday, October 15, 2007


So I it has taken me a few day’s to post this because…as funny as some people have thought this was…it was not really funny while it was happening. I should note that at least one friend has commented that they are “animal lovers” and I’m assuming (always a risk I know) that they were implying that I was not an animal lover, and at least one other friend who has confirmed that they perhaps might have even reacted worse. So here is my story…It really starts on Tuesday when I returned from Toronto...there was evidence…more later…here are a couple email I exchanged with one of the women I work for who was out of the office on Friday.

SUBJECT: Little Visitor


So if you haven’t heard this morning there was a little visitor…ON MY DESK. There was a small grey mouse making its home for the day under my phone. Needless to say it has been a very adrenaline packed morning. Just didn’t want you to think you had missed out on all the excitement.


Oh my god? I am shaking....your desk? Did you scream? My desk is next. Are they putting out traps???oh my god......I am screaming inside.......


I did scream...I totally freaked out!! Everyone came will be funny in a week...or a year. The details are these....when I sat down I saw what I thought was a little piece of paper move at the front edge of my phone so I used my finder to swipe it away from the phone making it easier to pick didn't swipe away and a nano second after is swooshed under the phone...and I jumped up screaming....AHHHHHH THERE'S A MOUSE ...A...A...A...MO.MO...MO...MOUSE ON MY DESK....IIIIIIIIIIIIT'S UNDER MY PHONE....AHHHH....EEEEKKK...OH MY OH MY OH MY....AHAHHH...EEEKKK. after everyone arrived they all started investigating...I kid you not they were moving everything banging the one had actually moved or picked up the after a total melt down by me I asked "did anyone pick up the phone? How do you know he's still not under there?" So Gina lifted the phone a little and moved it......EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK....AHHHHH...THERE IT IS.....EEEEEKKKKK....everyone saw it and jumped back....anyway we have been wiping down everything and finding more and more evidence. All I can say is this little mouse had better go out of here on a gurney or I might totally lose it!! Gina and I are totally freaked out and Gina has been Clorox crazy...we are both ready to fly out of our desks if we need too...I'm not even sitting really. Okay I have to admit...I'm laughing writing this so the endorphins have definitely kicked in.

The aforementioned evidence was the obvious kind but I hadn’t been at my desk for 5 days and there had been a temp…so maybe she had eaten some poppy seed bagel or something…I know live’n in a dream world!!

The follow-up on Friday afternoon the exterminators came armed with all manner of traps and I convinced Cameron to promise to look at the traps before I came in today. And he deserves a big award b/c they were all FULL!! NOT JUST ONE MOUSE!! EEEEEK. So there was an immediate Clorox overhaul and we filled any little wholes we could find with steel wool. They have promised to come and lay down more traps today…I’m SCARED!! And frankly…grossed out.