Friday, January 05, 2007


Thursday, January 04, 2007

THE POLICE...and music in general

PLEASE BE TRUE. If we have heard this once we've heard it a million times...this is a rumor that will not die...the Police may go on a reunion news all year ;-) This is a band that really hated each other or rather a guitarist, Steward Copeland, that hated the lead singer and visa versa.

I am a huge music lover. I grew up in a home that was full of music all the time. Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Janice Joplin, Perth County Conspiracy, and my Dad on his guitar. One of my favorite stories is one told to me and not in my conscience memory. As a very little girl I used to like to fall asleep listening to my favorite tape...Bob Marley. My mother recounts how I used to sing along to every song. When I hear any of this music today I fell happy and comforted like visiting with old friends.

Maybe it was the move across the country from Victoria to Toronto, maybe it had already started...I couldn't get enough neighbor Soriah had an older brother that had mountains of music and we would listen to it everyday...this is where we found U2, Talking Heads, and others. Another neighbor, Allison, also had an older brother who worship at the throne of a little band called Depeche Mode. Once I had discovered Depeche Mode it was a whole new world, The Cult, The Clash, The Cure...I used to joke when asked "What's your favorite band?" and say any band that starts with 'The'. And then there was Much Music...another alter of worship...I couldn't wait for the coke-a-cola countdown or the new video hours. I will never forget the first time I saw the cheerleaders with the Anarchy symbols and the blond kid with the green striped was going to be raw and I was looking forward to it.

Don't get me wrong along the way I have enjoyed some guilty pleasures that maybe I shouldn't mention (knowing that Ali Stewart likes boy bands makes me feel a little more free to admit them)...there was a cute red head called Rick Astley, a hot duo called Wham, and a pair called Rob and Fab...say NO more. If it came out in the 80s and wasn't popular with the parents I know or knew the words. The question remains as my Mum often mentioned...why couldn't I memorize my homework like I could all those songs.

When Sting comes to town I go see him...I haven't miss an opportunity. If the Police come to the US I might have to follow them around a little.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 there such this as Movie Goers Anonymous??

Okay...movies...I’m an addict. Hello my name is Anais, and I have a problem. These are the movies I can remember seeing in the last month.

Duchess of Duke Street DVDs - I love this show!! And have just received 1st disc of second season.
Los Ninos Invisibles - very cute
Farewell My Concubine - very disturbing
24hr Party People - informative & a little out there
The Quite American - love parts...hated others
It Happened One Night - very cute
Three Faces of Eve - just okay
The French Connection - great
Crimes and Misdemeanors - LOVED it...I don't know what it is about his movies
The French Lieutenant's Woman - I love both Irons and Streep but I didn't love the movie
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - couldn't get through it without fastforwarding
The Departed - LOVED
Blood Diamond -LOVED
Notes on a Scandal - great acting...left feeling disturbed...was creepy...didn't realize until after it was meant to be
Volver - LOVED
Curse of the Golden Dragon - simply HATED
Casino Royal - Fantastic fun
The Holiday - very cute...could do without seeing Cameron Diaz in another movie
Babel - LOVED
Love Actually - Still love and was greatful to the Jones' for making it a Christmas standard
The Shop Around the Corner - I have always been a huge fan of It's a Wonderful life but this is now up there on the list of favorite old cute
Nixon - interesting
Sense and Sensibility - is on top ten list (is viewed once or twice a year)

Am thinking of becoming a professional movie watcher...hmmm...

Okay so today I decided I wanted a new phone. I've had my current phone for three years and I'm ready to join the throngs of people with 'nice' phones. This is the phone I want. It's cute and I get to pretend I am a do gooder because it is one of the RED products. Here's the problem...even with all the rebates that I've 'earned' (note they are saying it will only cost me 60 bucks after $150 off b/c I'm such a great customer...their words I kid you not...and a $90 mail in rebate). Meanwhile the actual advertised price beside the phone is the $60 price. On top of which after I pay sprint the $150 and send in all the paperwork for the rebate...they still want me to pay a 'registration' fee to change phones. I hate this sort of thing...I left...without my phone...frustrated and defeated. OH...oh...I forgot, the new cord is also different, so I will have to get three new for the house one for work and one for the car. They are pirates.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007...Happy New Year...2007

This year I spent Christmas with my friends Sina and Nate Jones in Paris. Their daughter Ruby is so darling and I even warmed to their big dog. World traveler Megan was part of this party as well. This picture is from my first day. The Jones clan live in a fantastic neighbourhood and from there I walked all over town.

Paris was perfect.